Corona Pandemic


Corona is named due to its surface spikes which gives it a shape like a crown.
This covid means coronavirus disease and 19 demonstrates the year in which it was discovered.
Coronavirus is a zoonotic one which means this creature spreads from animal to human beings.
firstly this disease found was in Wuhan, a city in china then it spread to the world drastically, who(World health organization) termed it as a pandemic outbreak due to its worldwide massive and active distribution.
this virus spreads via droplets and close

1.High-grade fever
2.Dry cough
3.Breathing problem
4.(Runny Nose) this may be present or may not be

Peoples having the above symptoms may be or may not be having an infection from this Virus
For sureness, you must contact the health caretaker.

How Virus Spreads

1.droplet spread is through sneezing and coughing this virus can be transmitted to a person who is standing nearby to the affected victim.
Prevention: Use mask, small towel and tissue paper for both of the above actions
2.spread via close contact is when someone affected or carrier(having a virus but not infected) shakes hands and gives hugs
Prevention: Use Handwash, Sanitizer, and  Antispetiv solution to make virus proof body surface.

Some tips and advises
1. Try to avoid gatherings cause any one of the affected people can transmit it to many
2.Seek doctor’s advise if you have symptoms which are mentioned above already
3. Try to avoid food that is being made outdoor and make your own food
4. Do not travel if the disease is present in your area
5. Use Special masks N-95 if available nevertheless you can you surgical masks too
6.if you are having this knowledge spread this to you near ones

7. Wash your hands with soap and sanitizer regularly

8. Do not touch your body parts with hands and do not place your hands on open environment

Tests for the Corona Virus
this test can be done to confirm whether the patient is suffering from this virus or not.

If you are cured of it still you need to be isolated from all stuff for 14 days

The virus is made up of RNA for which reverse transcriptase will be used to make DNA and that will help to read the genetic code of the virus


still, no vaccines are available in the market or being made by the researchers.
Some countries have claimed that they have tested the vaccines in the lab and now their trail is going on the human species it would take time to make a vaccine proofed due to passing from several trials.
its vaccine which is under trial is being named as mRNA 1237.


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